Sunday, January 31, 2010

my next challenge

my next challenge ...  12x12    

This is going to be my next challenge.  It's just a small painting, but there is quite a bit of detail.  It's from a photo I took at one of the beaches that I go surfing at - Sombrio Beach.  (Actually, I was just surfing there yesterday afternoon, until it got too dark to see the waves.  It was a bit tricky doing the 10min walk back up to the parking lot in the almost complete darkness!)  In the winter, the storms wash up the kelp that grew all summer.  There are massive tangles of it everywhere.  I love the colours in this photo, with the blue-greys of the rocks and the yellow-oranges of the kelp.  Painting on the black background should give a neat effect, and I won't have to paint in all the darks. 
(...almost finished the "rest stop tree"!  I'll post the finished photo soon...)

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Mary Anne Cary said...

I love seeing how people work and start. Excited to see finished piece.