Monday, September 27, 2010

Revisiting a Dream

Revisiting a Dream - 16x20", acrylic ...

I started this painting last week as part of a painting demonstration for an art group called Studio 30. It was my first demonstration in front of a large group - I was a little nervous but had a lot of fun. They were a great group, asked lots of questions and were fun to be painting in front of.

This painting was started on a black gessoed canvas. It's another scene of Tofino, this time from the north end of Cox Bay, looking towards some of the tree covered rocks at low tide. At high tide these rocks are almost completely surrounded by the ocean.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Peak

First Peak - 20x24", acrylic ...

Yesterday we had our first surf of the season! It was great to be back out on the water, after a summer of no surf at all. I'm a little stiff now - I'm not yet in great paddling shape but will be soon enough. Tomorrow should be pretty big, better than it was yesterday. But as it's a weekend it will be crazy busy. Might be worthwhile going either super early for first light (hey: first light at first peak!) or later in the day.

This painting is from last year. First Peak is one of the point breaks we often surf at and it's the one we were at yesterday. I often bring my little waterproof camera out with me, and sit just inside waiting for someone to catch a good wave. This is my boyfriend - I was just sitting on the shoulder of this wave as it went right by me, a perfect location to shoot this photo.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

East Sooke Point

East Sooke Point - 12x36", acrylic ... SOLD

I love these rectangular canvases. It's fun to search through all my photo references and find the right image for this shape, whether horizontal or vertical. This is East Sooke Point (at least that's what I call it), viewed from Whiffen Spit here in Sooke. I have taken my dog for many walks along this spit and always take my camera. Each time the lighting and atmosphere are different. This day was overcast but still had a bit of light peaking through. The Olympic Mountains are in the distance (part of Washington state).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And now for something completely different ...

Sweet Thing - 30x30", acrylic ... SOLD

This was something completely different for me. I was asked to do this as a commission and I just couldn't say no. Who could resist painting this subject matter? Not me. The best part was painting it on such a nice big scale. The only downside is the whole time I was craving something sweet ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer Days

Summer Days - 10x10", acrylic ...

This is a view of the Sooke Basin through some close-up trees. I am drawn to this kind of view, but haven't done a lot of paintings to reflect that up to now. I had some fun with the colour scheme in this.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sunshine, 16x20" - acrylic ... SOLD

This cat commission was so much fun! Sunshine is a gorgeous black and white cat and I'm so glad I could paint her in these colours. I love it when people allow me to have fun with their commissions. This was a high contrast photo, with her in the sun, and it worked very well as a reference.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the Corner

In the Corner - 12x12", acrylic on board ...

I can't help myself, she's just so paintable. Here's another painting of my dog Lucy - hope you are not sick of seeing her yet. I added some texture to a cradled board with modeling paste, then painted on top of it, starting with black gesso.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pete's Bees

My boyfriend Pete has been keeping bees now for two years. He's always wanted to do it - he grew up with a neighbour who had bees and his interest grew from there. It's been tough on beekeepers in the past 5 years or so here on Vancouver Island - many beekeepers lost 90% of their bees last winter alone - but first year bees seem to have a higher survival rate. Pete's did just fine. He's been taking good care of them (treating appropriately for the mites which are the main downfall of hives) so hopefully their second winter will be a good one.

Today he sold a TON (almost literally!) of honey at the Metchosin Market. Although it was raining for the first part of the day, that didn't stop people from buying up the sweetness. The label for his honey is above, it's based on a small painting I did last year with the idea that I would use it for this purpose. I might paint a few more little bee paintings, as he has a few different varieties of honey (wildflower, fireweed, honeycomb) and a different painting could be used for each variety.

But don't think you can make money at this venture, at least in the beginning on a small scale! Pete might just break even this season - all the equipment to get started is not cheap. And if he works out his hourly rate based on labour, he's probably making $0.20/hr. It's a labour of love. However, he is a honey addict so at least he can fuel his addiction. Honey doesn't last long in this house!

Friday, September 10, 2010

View Over Cox Bay

View Over Cox Bay - 11 x 14" ... SOLD ...

Here is the view in the opposite direction of my previous Tofino beach painting. This is from the top of the hill, at the south end of Cox Bay, looking north. It was a gnarly hike in flip flops (I wouldn't recommend it, but that's all I had with me at the beach that day) but soooooo worth the view!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rosie Bay Rocks

Rosie Bay Rocks - 16x20", acrylic ...

Another Tofino painting. I stuck to blue and purple for this one. This is the rocky headland at Rosie Bay, just south of Chesterman Beach. Cox Bay is just behind it. The distant hill is what I hiked up a few months ago to get an absolutely amazing view of the beach. Of course I did a painting of the view, but just realized I never posted it! Stay tuned ...

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Monday, September 6, 2010

At the Edge

At the Edge - 30x30", acrylic ... SOLD

I absolutely loved doing this one! I started it on a purple background, and think it's a pretty good balance of cool and warm colours. It's from the cross-country ski trails up at Cypress Mountain, just north of Vancouver. I spent a few days there at a friend's cabin and we did a bit of snowshoeing through the woods while the sun was out. This scene captivated me with the funky shadows at the edge of the ski trail.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Boo - 16x16", acrylic ... SOLD

My latest pet portrait commission - Boo (also known as Buddha). He's a great little dog, so cute and super friendly!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Through the Mist

Through the Mist - 6x24", acrylic ...

I had this long thin canvas sitting around for a while and was debating what to do with it. When I looked at all my reference photos, one of trees in the mist just jumped out at me - perfect for the vertical shape. This is a very typical west-coast scene in the misty fall/winter.

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