Wednesday, January 20, 2010

stir the soul

Stir the Soul 16x16"

Still haven't quite finished the mountain scene that I started a few days ago. I'm sure it will get done today! But I just finished a forest scene that I spent a few days working on, so that's what you get to see today.
Last month I attended a weekend workshop in Vancouver with Mike Svob. I just love his work - his colours are so vibrant and I love his style of painting! One of the things that stuck with me is Mike says he tries to keep his colour palette on the warm side, as that's what people seem to be drawn to. That made me look at my paintings - I love colour, but many of them were mostly cool colours with very few warm ones in there. For some reason I seem to be drawn to cooler colours. When I got close to finishing this painting, I realized that it was all cool colours - purples and greens! I decided to cover it all with a unifying glaze of a warmer yellow. Did it work? It's still on the cool side but a bit warmer. Next time, I'm thinking blazing hot!

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jennifer woodburn said...

Love your blog Lisa - you really do an amazing job of capturing the west coast. Lucky you - Mike Svob is at the top of my list of artists I would like to take a workshop from. I also struggle with the warm/cool palette, I definitely gravitate to the cooler colours - but he is right, the warm ones sell!