Thursday, January 21, 2010

harmony bowl in summer

Harmony Bowl in Summer 12x24"

Yesterday I finished the mountain scene that I started on Monday. Harmony Bowl is on Whistler Mountain and is a gorgeous place to go hiking in the summer, especially when the meadows are in bloom! Blackcomb Mountain is in the distance. I know, it's not blazing hot in terms of colours but I did warm it up a bit with a yellow glaze (which really doesn't show up well in this photo). However it is still on the cool side. Next time: a red sky (or something like that)!

I'm working on a dog commission today: A german sheperd. I haven't had any requests (until now) for sheperd paintings, although I did two sheperd-cross paintings of my brother's dogs for him for Christmas. They are getting quite old now (15 and 16!) and I thought it would make a nice gift for him and his girlfriend. This painting is for the person who won the bid for a custom pet portrait donation I did for the Canadian Athlete's Now (CAN) telethon auction on SHAW TV last summer ... (My cousin's have been involved in synchronized swimming for years). I'll post it when I'm done, probably next week as I'm going away this weekend.


Mary Anne Cary said...

Lisa, This is a great painting. I am jealous you got to take a workshop with Mike Svob, he has been a favorite of mine for years, (maybe that's why I like your work)! I think you can try some warm paintings, but one of the reasons I was attracted to your work was because of your color choices. I have heard that before from painters about warm colors, but it appears to me that you don't have a problem attracting buyers so I wouldn't worry that you need to change too much!!

Lisa Riehl said...

Thank you Mary Anne! I really appreciate your comments, and maybe I won't try to change too much. Just need to experiment a bit. Mike was an amazing teacher and it was so great to watch his demos. And just to tempt you: He's doing a week long course in August in White Rock (close to Vancouver)...