Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bella the beautiful

Bella - Lifejacket Dog 16x16"

I just finished the 3rd painting of Bella, a gorgeous border collie girl with one blue and one brown eye. Her owners commissioned me to do a painting of her shortly before she passed away in November. I did get a chance to meet her, you could tell she was a gentle soul. She was 14 years old and was very much a beloved member of the family. They gave me a whole bunch of photos from when she was younger and healthy but couldn't decide on which one to get as a painting. In the end, they had 3 favourites so just decided to get all 3 painted.

How hard it is to lose our furry family members. It just shatters our hearts, and there is just as much grief as if they were people. I was told that the process of having the portraits done of Bella was way better than grief counseling. I could see that - having the paintings done could give them something to look forward to, in the midst of a very hard time. I know I will be devasted when I lose my Lucy, and I can see myself doing more paintings of her then (although I'm doing lots now too) ...

Here are the other two paintings I did of Bella over the past few months.

Bella - Greasy Eye 18x24"
(This was a typical pose of Bella, just hanging out in the house, watching what was going on)

Bella - Crate Dog 12x24"
(when she was just a puppy, hanging out on top of her crate just waiting to be noticed!)


Patricia D Arndt said...

Hi Lisa - Great portraits, I'm especially fond of Silver the cat, which reminds me of a favourite cat that I once had.

Rick Nilson said...

Your work is exceptional. Keep this up. Thank you for the kind words.

Lisa Riehl said...

Thanks so much Patricia and Rick. Love your works as well!