Friday, June 24, 2011

Emma, Buddy & Whiskey

Emma, 16x16", acrylic - commission (SOLD)

I know I haven't posted actual paintings in a while, but these were keeping me busy, along with my full time job. I had a blast painting these three, all for the same client. I am delivering them next week, can't wait for her to see them in person. That's almost the best part of doing pet portrait commissions :-).

Buddy, 16x16", acrylic - commission (SOLD)

Whiskey, 16x16", acrylic - comission (SOLD)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent Photos

I love my little studio! It's such an amazing space to be able to work in, especially in the spring with all the flowers, new green and bird activity. I have been working on some commissions over the past month, but nothing that is ready to post here. So here are a few photos that I've taken recently ...

A little hummingbird resting outside our living room window. (probably watching over "his" feeder! They're quite territorial little suckers.)

Went for a walk with my dog here yesterday. Saw a few deer before she did, so I was able to leash her before she took off after them...

Been busy gardening over the past month or so. Reorganized a few garden beds. This is the best time of year, when the rhodo and clematis are in full bloom!

Time to paint a lighthouse I think.