Saturday, January 9, 2010

finally, a landscape painting!

Tangle 6x12"

Although I didn't spend a lot of time in the studio today, I did manage to complete a small landscape painting. My boyfriend and I were surfing last week and I took my waterproof camera with me. Took a few photos, including a great one of a tangle of kelp that was floating by in the current. I thought this would make a nice painting. I might even do it a larger at some point ... Let me what you think!

(Now that camera is in for repairs. I feel a bit lost without it, as it's a nice small camera that I can just put in my pocket when I am out for walks. I think the seal for the battery compartment wasn't working properly and it got water in it. We've had the camera for two years now - thank goodness for extended warranties! They've come in handy before, actually providing us with a brand new camera when our last one couldn't be fixed. So if they can't fix it, we will get a new version of this camera! I'm kind of hoping for that...)


andrea said...

Yay! You have a blog! Love your work and the colours and composition in this one are magical.

Rob Hazzard said...

Beautiful work! I've only tried one pet portrait and it's quite pathetic in comparison to the works you've created. You have such talent

Lisa Riehl said...

Thanks guys for your kind comments. You are both fantastic artists in your own right. I'm just heading to my studio now - thanks for the motivation!