Friday, March 5, 2010

Whistler Afternoon - finished!

Whistler Afternoon - 18x36", acrylic

Just got back from surfing. There were great waves but a bugger of a current to contend with. The local breaks are point breaks, which means that the wave breaks in one general area. So when there is a lot of current, it's constant paddling just to stay in the right spot to catch them and if you are too slow you end up drifting right into the impact zone. I had a rather short session as only about 45min into it, I got caught too close on the inside and the force of the wave broke my leash. Crap. Bloody long and slightly freaky swim back into shore through some crazy break, the whole time in the impact zone. At least my board was undamaged, washed up on the beach. So I just sat on the beach, watched the gorgeous sunset and waited for my boyfriend to finish his session (a long and frustrating wait, but still enjoyable).

Before we left for surfing I finished this painting. Really toned down the rather orange sky to a lighter yellow orange. The colours of the snow in this photo are more true to the painting than the last one I posted - better camera. I loved working with the texture and painting on top of it. I'll be doing this again ... similar paintings with different colour combos.
Speaking of cameras, if you are an artist and take photos of your own artwork, I would love to hear what camera and set up you use! I have issues getting the colours true with the one I use (a digital point and shoot, but a higher end one) and I'm thinking about upgrading to a better one...

If you are intersted in this painting, please send me an email at


Mary Anne Cary said...

This looks great Lisa, I like it toned down and I love your fish! I didn't even notice the fingers until I read your blog. You did a great job on them!! I need help in photographing my stuff. I use a Canon SLR with a tripod and low window lighting. My son says I need a light box. I know my art magazines always have articles about shooting, but I am lazy and don't read them. I bet you could go on line and get some info, and I bet lots of other artists have good ideas, (not like me)
On another note..... my son sells Firewire surfboards, if you ever want any info, let me know.

Linny D. Vine said...

Beautiful feel to this one, Lisa, and I really like your sky! (And just when we thought it was summer in Victoria there are a few snow flakes coming down!!!)

Lisa Riehl said...

Thanks Linny and Mary Anne. I am glad I changed the sky in this - I did like the brighter orange, but it just wasn't "me".

Jeanne said...

You certainly captured the beauty of winter. I love the warm sky....beautiful!