Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pet Week - Purple Dog

Purple Dog 20x20" SOLD

Of course I can't post pet portraits without including one that I did of my dog Lucy. She is a black lab cross (? not sure what she's crossed with, but it's something tall, skinny and fast), now 4 years old. We got her through a local rescue organization as a puppy. She was from an unwanted litter of 10 from a small town on northern Vancouver Island. When they were old enough to be separated from their mother they were sent to Victoria for fostering until they were ready for adoption at 9wks. She is a great dog. Of course we are all biased about our own pets, but I think she's pretty darn smart. And mischievous! This painting was juried into the Sidney Fine Art Show 2009, where it sold. I was a little sad to see this one go, but no doubt I'll do more paintings of her. (Actually, I already have! To see it, click here).

Below are a few photos of Lucy from this past Christmas. We did an overnight stay at a friend's cabin up on Hollyburn Mtn (Cypress) just north of Vancouver. We have to hike to get to the cabin in the snow (although there was not much this year). She wore a pack for the first time to carry in her own food and blanket - she didn't even seem to notice it. The other photo is of her on her first little boat trip - she was a bit nervous here but just looked to us for assurance and was fine.


Kim said...

LOVE this Lisa! Wonderful colour and strong composition.

Lisa Riehl said...

Thanks Kim! Lucy just makes such a great subject to paint.