Friday, February 19, 2010

Whistler Inspired ...

Whistler Inukshuk - 6x12"

Valley Trail View - 12x12"

I told you to expect a few winter paintings! These two little ones I did yesterday. The inukshuk painting is a view as you go up to gondola on Whistler, just before you get to the very top. The sun wasn't yet above the mountains so it was a lovely dark purple-blue (it was probably about 7:30am, we went up for "Fresh Tracks" - early breakfast on top of the mountain and then you get to ski a few fresh runs before the general public is allowed up!). The second colourful tree painting is a view from the Valley Trail in between Blackcomb and Whistler, looking at the lower part of Blackcomb in late afternoon. We'd just finished skate skiing and were walking back to the village. The upper part of the mountain was clouded in fog but it was gorgeous lighting below. Both are acrylic on canvas.

If you are interested in purchasing one (or both) of these paintings, please send me an email at

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Rick Nilson said...

it looks like your clouds are wet with snow. excellent.Whistler feels cold. again. Go glaciers.