Wednesday, February 3, 2010

half done

in progress ...

Well, I'm almost done this painting. Lots of detail, but still trying to keep it loose. It definitely makes it easier painting this on the black background. It's only 12x12", and I think that's making it more challenging than if I'd chosen a larger canvas. I'm sure at some point this will become a big painting! ... I won't have time to paint tomorrow, as I'm working at the Coast Collective (an arts collective gift shop & gallery here in Victoria). But it should be finished on Friday. I'm ready to start two dog paintings - one of my dog Lucy, a close up with her nose looking huge, and a commission of a papillion dog. The images are drawn on the canvases and ready to be painted!

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Mary Anne Cary said...

Nice to see the progression on this. It looks like it could be meditative to work on this with all the detail, look forward to the finished post!