Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics in Whistler

Our Whistler Olympic experience was amazing! We snow camped for the first time, although it did rain in the village for the first few days, it finally turned to snow later on. Even when it was raining, it meant fantastic snow up on the mountains. We did two full days of skiing (I boarded one day, skiied the next), went to Luge on Saturday (a bit wet for that one), skate skiied for a few hours (first time for me, haven't sweat so much in a while!) and hung out in the village soaking up the fantastic atmosphere.

We ended up staying an extra day on Monday, as the men's downhill event was rescheduled for that day and it was gorgeous and beautiful. We went up with hill to ski and found a great free viewing spot at the side of the course. I took so many photos and now have a ton of snow-covered tree reference phtoos. Don't be surprised if you see lots of winter paintings coming up, including the first photo above - an inukshuk on top of Whistler Mountain.

These photos below were taken with our GoPro helmet camera. It's an amazing tiny camera with a fish-eye lens. Does photos and video. It has a waterproof casing so we can take it out surfing or windsurfing too. Great little gadget!

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JanettMarie said...

These photos are beautiful! Wow!