Monday, February 8, 2010

Mural Mosaic Project - Kunamokst

Mussels & Anemone - 12x12"

the "before" panel (#96) ...

I am involved in the most amazing project - the Mural Mosaic project! Late last summer I was contacted by the coordinator of the project, Phil Alain, to see if I'd like to contribute to it. He was looking for artists to help with a large mural in the theme of the West Coast. The mural is to be called "Kunamokst" and it's final home will be on Galiano Island, here in BC. Basically, it's a huge mural made up of 231 smaller individual 12x12" paintings (kind of like those digital photos that are made of up of lots of small little photos). What a fantastic and fun project! There are some very well known artists participating, including Robert Batemen, Roy Henry Vickers and Wyland.

Of course I said YES! They showed me three panels and I got to chose one of them to paint on. The panels were pre-painted in the colours and patterns that go to make up the final image, but as of yet, no one but the organizers have seen the finished design! I was told to paint it with a west-coast theme but to keep to the colours and tones as closely as possible. You can see the before panel that I was sent above, as well as my finished painting. My painting of mussels and anemones was inspired by the many trips I have taken to the beaches of Vancouver Island. I've always been fascinated by the life that exists underwater (I actually have a BSc. degree in Zoology, where I took a ton of invertebrate zoology courses). The many tidal pools in the nooks and crannies of the rocks during the low tide are just a glimpse at this fascinating underwater world.

The final unveiling of the Mural is on Saturday February 13th, in North Vancouver! (For details, click HERE). I wish I could be there and see the finished mural in person that day, but alas I will be in Whistler then as we have tickets for one of the Olympic events: Men's Luge (which I'm totally excited about!). It will be there on display for the duration of the Olympics, so I'm sure I'll get to see it at some point. If you are in Vancouver then, it would be a great event to attend, or at least to visit for the next few weeks. I think it will be there for the duration of the 2010 Olympics, before it gets moved to Galiano Island.

(Have a look at the link to the Mural Mosaic Project, the final mural will be visible after the unveiling ... You can click on each numbered square to see the before and final images, and who the artist is.)

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