Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking Up

Looking Up - 24x30", acrylic ...

Here is another one of my paintings that is part of my Sooke Harbour House art show until the end of June. I just love this painting. It is the view that I see all the time, on every walk or hike. I suppose it's a bit of an unoriginal title, but that's what I'm always doing - looking up at the beauty of the giants around me. It's on a 3" deep canvas, which gives it a nice sense of "biggness".

I'm excited: I'm heading over to Vancouver tomorrow - I have a 2-day art workshop with Janice Robertson. I've met her before - she was one of the signature FCA members who took part in the art workshop on Gabriola Island last year. The plein air paintings she produced there were just stunning! I know I'm going to learn so much!

And of course I get to see some great friends of mine! I used to live in Vancouver until 7 years ago when my boyfriend and I moved to Vancouver Island. I love it over here (being away from it all is rather nice), but my friends and family still manage to draw me back to the big city on a regular basis.

I promise to post some workshop photos early next week...

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Gwen Bell said...

Love this! It's one of those paintings that I could sit and stare at forever. So much fun detail going on. :)

Have fun at your workshop!