Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whistler and the West Coast

Looking at Heaven - 30x30", acrylic ... SOLD

Sunrise Over East Sooke - 18x36", acrylic ... SOLD

I have recently sold these two paintings to a new client here in Victoria. He loves the west coast, and is also an avid skiier / snowboarder. Having just built a new house with some fantastic views, he needed a few larger pieces for the walls. These really are two of my favourites, and I was happy to see them going to a beautiful home. (But I think I'm rather biased, as lately all of my paintings are my favourites).

Thank you to all those who support artists by buying their paintings
- so they can do for a living what they love to do!


Amanda Jones said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Lisa. Your work is just fabulous I can relate to all of your subject matter. I was just in Sooke this weekend, both of my brothers live there, and we have been going to Tofino for over 30 yrs. I can understand that these two pieces are your favourites. Great Stuff!

Lisa Daria said...

Beautiful forms and patterns you've created in these paintings - really stunning.