Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snow painting - in progress photos

I decided to do something a little different today. I have a few Christmas art sales to get ready for but not near enough painting days. So I need to be a bit more productive. I have quite a few reference photos ready to paint, so for this one I decided to do a little "assembly line" painting. All in different sizes - the biggest one here is 14x18", the smallest is 4x6" (sizes to suit all price ranges!). Once I had the paint colours mixed up, I used that same colour for each painting stage. In my reference photo the sky wasn't green, but I wanted it to complement the red in the shadows and the underpainting.

Here are my in-progress photos. This was fun! I still have a little tweaking to do, but they are mostly done.

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JanettMarie said...

Yea, now this is the way to paint!! Multiples, who needs prints!