Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tofino Afternoon

Tofino Afternoon - 10x10", acrylic ...

Although most of our camping trip last weekend was wet and windy (but thankfully not all that cold), we had one absolutely gorgeous and sunny day! We hung out at Chesterman Beach on a blanket, watching the amazing pro surfers getting ready for the next day of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic - they make it look so easy!!! This day the surf was rather big and gnarly, with huge close-outs. I knew that if I went out I'd just get pummeled, so I was happy to just watch. Besides, I'd already had a few great surfing days already at Cox Bay (smaller but much cleaner waves).

Here are a few photos from our trip:

Ready to surf

Not my best one, but the only photo that was taken...

Friday: the women's competition day

Definitely a painting-to-be!

Super windy!

Check out the surfer on the wave...

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Mary Anne Cary said...

Awesome pictures Lisa! The ocean looks wild, you are brave, I think you are brave to just go in water that cold! The colors in your painting are a great depiction of this time of year, too.