Thursday, January 20, 2011

Australian RSPCA needs your help

The Queensland RSPCA needs help! Many of their shelters were flooded and completely destroyed in the recent devastating floods. The animals were safely evacuated, but many buildings, equipment and supplies were destroyed. This means they don't have even enough food for their dogs and cats, and other animals they have in their care.

They need your help! The RSPCA is exempt from disaster relief funds offered to charities that assist human needs. This means they are entirely reliant on the generosity of your donations.

For more information, please visit


Russell V J Ward said...

Hi Lisa,

Russell here. Guess what? I’m awarding you The Versatile Blogger Award for services in blogging on your most excellent Canadian artwork. Given your recent post on seeking support and funds for the Queensland floods, I think you've just well and truly earned your 'versatility' badge! If you go to, you’ll see what I mean in my most recent post. Anyway, congrats – always enjoy reading this blog and keeping up-to-date on your latest pieces – keep up the good work, pay forward that blogging love, and we will get to meet one day/buy copious amounts of artwork from you!

Cheers, Russell

Lisa Riehl said...

Thanks Russell for the honour of receiving the Versatile Blogger award! Not sure if I'm quite as versatile as you though! Your blog is fantastic and you very much deserve it. And I love reading it, about your adventures in life...It sounds like you love life and have fun living it. My motto exactly!