Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been a while ...

We cycled the Galloping Goose trail
from Victoria all the way to Sooke...

I know, it's been a while! I haven't posted anything yet this month. I didn't paint for a few weeks, as we had some friends and then family come to visit. We had some fantastic weather, along with a bit of a heat wave, which made the visits wonderful as we could spend all our time outside! Here are some photos of our recent activities ...

Hike in Goldstream park

Caught a 28lb Spring (and 7 sockeye salmon too!)

budding artist Annabella

French Beach, near Sooke

But I do have a few more pet portrait commissions to work on, as well as a few personal paintings I want to get done. And I just finished a portrait of a gorgeous little black and white English Cocker Spaniel - Chica. I haven't yet taken a photo of it, as my main camera has finally called it quits - bummer! I have two little point-and-shoot cameras that don't really take great photos of my paintings, but they will have to do. I'll post it soon.

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