Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Morning Light

Morning Light - 20x24", acrylic

Set back from the beach we often go surfing at is a great swath of old-growth forest (some of the little around here that is left). Sometimes the best time to go surfing is first thing in the morning, before it gets too busy. Weekends are crazy but mid-week is often really nice as there usually aren't that many people out there, yet. This particular morning was beautiful, with the sun out and no wind. This tree is huge - maybe 3-4 people around could touch hands - and the base is surrounded by salal. It's so peaceful, set back just from the water...

If you are intersted in this painting, please send me an email at info@lisariehl.com


Gwen Bell said...

Gorgeous! The light in this is mesmerizing.

becky joy said...

Wonderful lighting and your brushwork is very unique. Like it.