Saturday, May 28, 2011

Daily Surf Art, & Tofino

I am part of a cool website called "Daily Surf Art". It was initially started by two surfer artists as a way to promote each others work, but has evolved into a collective of artists dedicated to surf art. One rule - each artist must also surf! When I was invited to participate I was thrilled ... I love being part of this group. It's amazing to see the different syle of each artist and their own unique interpretation of surfing. It makes me inspired to create more surf art!

I do have to admit that over the past few months I have been so busy with a new full-time job (which really is awesome) that my art has taken a back seat. However, I just spent a glorious long weekend camping and surfing in my favourite place - Tofino. I feel like I am rejeuvenated and ready to commit more time to painting! Really, this means better discipline in the evenings - more time in the studio, less in front of the computer and TV.

Here are a few photos from Tofino:

Me on my new little board, at the north end of Long Beach

North end of Long Beach, some wicked off shore wind for a bit

It got windy enough for Pete to windsurf one afternoon (not good for surfing though)

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Mary Anne Cary said...

Great photos! Good luck with less computer and tv. It is so hard to dedicate time to painting when you have so little free time. I understand what you mean, it is much easier to not set everything up and make a mess when you don't know when you will come back to it. Tv and computer win out for me!!