Monday, November 29, 2010


Together - 18x36", acrylic ... SOLD

I did this painting for a friend, to celebrate the birth of her son. It's just a little bit late, he's over a year old now. I delivered it a few days ago and she loved it! I had fun doing the mother and child silhouette - this is the closest I get to painting people. :-)


andrea said...

Nice one, Lisa. This one really holds together well.

Nicole said...

Love the colors in this, and what a sweet idea.

Olivier Longuet said...

that's very nice. a fellow artist and surfer
just discovered your work and really like it. the colors and texture remind me of Matt Beard's work too, which i love as well.
I'll be following from now on ;)

Kerch said...

Love the colour harmony in this painting.